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Those Incredible Women of World War II
by Karen Zeinert

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This is great book that speaks about women who served in World War II. There were great stories about every day women who did great things in the war. One of the stories was about a nurse who became a POW in the Philippines. She did not realize the Japanese took over the base till they came in to the room she was in.

The Immortal Descendants Series Books 1-5
by April White

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Today I will be reviewing The Immortal Descendants by April White books 1 through 5. The books are named Marking Time, Tempting Fate, Changing Nature, Waging War, Cheating Death. Marking Time, we come to see the world of Saria Elian, a teenager running the streets of London as a tagger, a graffiti artist. She starts a time traveling adventure with the mysterious Archer and the street urchin Ringo. Saria goes to Victorian London by accident and finds herself in the middle of the Jack the Ripper murders trying to find her mother and learn about her mother’s past. Tempting Fate, Saria has returned from finding her mother and is back from her past adventures when she has a dream that seems incredibly real about Ringo’s (the street thief) torture by the hands of her worst opponent Jack the Ripper. Then Saria ends up meeting Queen Elizabeth Tudor (the first) and stops her execution so she can lead a long 44-year rule of England. Changing Nature, Saria is not currently on any adventures while looking for a friend lost in time kidnapped by Jack the Ripper and in the process of finding him is in the middle of the 100-year war between England and France and ends up meeting Joan of Arc. While time is also being affected by another time traveler with ulterior motive. Waging War, Saria is back training herself for future battles against many foes when Saria and her companions realize that their friend who was kidnaped by Jack the Ripper is in the middle of World War 2 and is not the same person who he used to be. While he is on a path to kill his grandfather so he doesn’t exist. But things won’t go as expected for him. Cheating Death, Saria has gone back in time to many places but this time she has gone to the Vatican to find the cause of some of her problems. She has done many things but in the final novel she will do much more she will fight war and attempt to unite her people to finally free everyone “to heal the dream wars undone”. In the end I suggest The Immortal Descendants series to all who love a good story and don’t mind a little romance on the side.

The Gates Of Fire
by Steven Pressfield

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This is a fantastic re-telling of the tale of the 300 Spartans who fought against the Persian empire. Pressfield brings the characters alive in a new and exciting way. THIS IS NOT THE NOVEL BASED ON THE MOVIE "300". While is based on the same event this is not related to Frank Miller's adaptation. This is a story about bravery, duty, honor and sacrifice. A great read!

Love Finds You In Sunset Beach, Hawaii
by Robin Jones Gunn

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Ok what can I say? Robin Jones Gunn ahh amazing!! She will make you laugh and cry. She makes romance so real. She creates a real life scenario and will make you fall in love with the characters from the first mention of their names in the Christy Miller series books! You for sure need to read some of her othe books first to understand these characters so I hope you enjoy all of them!!

The Female Persuasion
by Meg Wolitzer

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A female college graduate, Greer Kadetsky. with no where else to go contacts someone who spoke at her college while in love with the boy next door. Faith Frank is a feminist from the second wave whose magazine just went under. With the support of an admirer, Frank and Greer form a non-profit.

by Madeline Miller

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This is an interpretation of the life of Circe, best known by her appearance in The Odyssey as an island witch encountered by Odysseus. I absolutely loved this book. Just like in "The Song of Achilles", Madeline Miller brings the characters of Greek mythology to life. They're vivid and complex and in a way you wouldn't suppose gods, demi-gods, and Titans could be.

A Wrinkle In Time
by Madeline L'engle Books

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We read this book as a family before we watched the film adaptation. Although I'm not a fan of fantasy or science fiction, this book captivated me none the less. It is more than just a book about time travel. It's also a tale of love, family, sacrifice and bravery as well as the forces of good and evil. I specifically enjoyed the Christian themes including scripture in a few places. This among other things was lost in the film. I definitely recommend the book before the movie as the words bring the story more to life than even the visuals of the film can!

The Lightening Thief By Rick Riordan
by Rick Riordan

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I’m going to be doing a review on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I myself have read the book multiple times and will try to give you a quick review with minimum spoilers however some things might need to be spoiled for the series to make sense. I do understand that many have already read this however it is necessary for me to review the entire series which I plan to do if this works out. It’s another year of school for Percy and as expected he gets expelled again but then learns that his best friend, Grover, is not a normal teenager, he is a satyr (goat person). Grover brings him to a place called camp half-blood. However, his mom (sadly) dies on the way there, he then meets a friend Annabeth and goes on a quest to save the world from a war between the gods This book is outstanding with an amazing sense of humor wit with great characters and their wonderful interactions and a strong start to an incredible series I highly suggest you read this book and the rest of the series.

by James Clevell

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This is book 2 in his Asian saga, and is wonderful follow up to book 1 "Shogun". It is a historical fiction tale based on the colonization of China and Britain trying to establish trade with the empire. It is full of intrigue and espionage, loyalty, family and duty. While it is very long, it is very interesting and a smooth read.

W is for Wasted
by Sue Grafton

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W is for Wasted is another great Kinsey Millhone book. Grafton has created such a likable character that the reader or listener in this case feels like you are experiencing things right along with Kinsey. In this book Kinsey deals with the death of two men. One she is related to but never met and the other a Private Investigator whose methods were less then aboveboard. Ms Grafton masterfully weaves the two tales together as Kinsey discovers more about the two men and also about some of her history. It is interesting how Kinsey is able to determine the identity of an individual with no ID or personal effects on him besides her name and phone in his pocket. A great story that will keep you intrigued and involve as you try to figure it out alongside Kinsey.
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