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Great Lakes Warship 1812-1815
by Mark Lardas

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This book was kind boring mainly because it just gave a lot of details about the ship. it talked a lot about where the US ship were build too. It was odd that the ships were named after the place they were build.The interesting part was when the treaty was sign they could not get the ship out of Lake Champlain because it was winter and the ships were in winter storage. Also after the war the British sold a lot of their ships.

Purple Fish
by Mark O Wilson

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this is one of my favorite book. it is a book about telling others about Jesus. it make evangelism easy and practice. Mark has a passion for people and seeing people saved. God think of people who are not saved our lost treasures. The best way to be an evangelist is to follow Jesus example.

The House At Saltwater Point
by Colleen Coble

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I love mysteries and this book is amazing! I love how it keeps you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what will happen. I love that as a series, the characters Shauna and Zack from the first one are also a big part in this one. New characters Mackenzie, Ellie and Grayson are introduced. This one of the best Christian Fiction mysteries I have ever read. I very highly recommend her books!!

The Immortal Descendants Series Books 1-5
by April White

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Today I will be reviewing The Immortal Descendants by April White books 1 through 5. The books are named Marking Time, Tempting Fate, Changing Nature, Waging War, Cheating Death. Marking Time, we come to see the world of Saria Elian, a teenager running the streets of London as a tagger, a graffiti artist. She starts a time traveling adventure with the mysterious Archer and the street urchin Ringo. Saria goes to Victorian London by accident and finds herself in the middle of the Jack the Ripper murders trying to find her mother and learn about her mother’s past. Tempting Fate, Saria has returned from finding her mother and is back from her past adventures when she has a dream that seems incredibly real about Ringo’s (the street thief) torture by the hands of her worst opponent Jack the Ripper. Then Saria ends up meeting Queen Elizabeth Tudor (the first) and stops her execution so she can lead a long 44-year rule of England. Changing Nature, Saria is not currently on any adventures while looking for a friend lost in time kidnapped by Jack the Ripper and in the process of finding him is in the middle of the 100-year war between England and France and ends up meeting Joan of Arc. While time is also being affected by another time traveler with ulterior motive. Waging War, Saria is back training herself for future battles against many foes when Saria and her companions realize that their friend who was kidnaped by Jack the Ripper is in the middle of World War 2 and is not the same person who he used to be. While he is on a path to kill his grandfather so he doesn’t exist. But things won’t go as expected for him. Cheating Death, Saria has gone back in time to many places but this time she has gone to the Vatican to find the cause of some of her problems. She has done many things but in the final novel she will do much more she will fight war and attempt to unite her people to finally free everyone “to heal the dream wars undone”. In the end I suggest The Immortal Descendants series to all who love a good story and don’t mind a little romance on the side.

War Storm
by Victoria Aveyard

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Aveyard is stunning in her fourth and final installment of the Red Queen series. Mare Barrow is helping Cal regain control of the kingdom his brother has claimed. There are multiple perspectives on both sides of the aisle including both of the would be kings. She leaves the audience in suspense until the last few pages.

The Adventure Zone Here There Be Gerblins
by McElroys

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This book is a graphic novel based on the first arc of a podcast called The Adventure Zone. In this podcast, three brothers play D&D with their dad, and create one of my favorite stories! It's funny, and meta (the DM occasionally pops his head into the story), and a great introduction the characters and the universe. If you like D&D and laughing, give this a shot.

by Lauren Oliver

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This book is absolutly amazing. First having two different perspectives creates a interesting twist on the same novel. And again I find myself reading in between the lines and seeing the deeper meaning that it is to be a real human being. And what it feels like to being not wanted by society. This book truly brings out the harsh nature that is life itself.

Love Finds You In Sunset Beach, Hawaii
by Robin Jones Gunn

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Ok what can I say? Robin Jones Gunn ahh amazing!! She will make you laugh and cry. She makes romance so real. She creates a real life scenario and will make you fall in love with the characters from the first mention of their names in the Christy Miller series books! You for sure need to read some of her othe books first to understand these characters so I hope you enjoy all of them!!

Calico Captive
by Elizabeth George Speare

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Set in 1745, fifteen-year-old Miriam Willard is on top of the world. At a party, (the only one she’s ever been to) Phineas Whitney, a tall young man, takes a special interest in Miriam. Daydreaming about her future, she goes to bed only to wake up to Indian shrieks and whoops! Miriam and her family have been captured by Indians! Will she see Phineas again? More importantly, will she even make it out alive and free? I took this book out because I had read Elizabeth George Speare’s The Witch of Blackbird Pond and enjoyed it. Calico Captive was nice as well, although I still think I like The Witch of Blackbird Pond better. Sometimes Miriam’s attitude was a little annoying, but I guess if I was captured by Indians I would be a little annoying and whiny, too! There was a passing mention of trusting God, which was good, but it never struck me as Miriam really having a relationship with Him. As a believer in God, I do look for an underlying theme of reliance on Him especially in books that are historical fiction. There are some books that almost have this underlying feeling of Christian things, but they don’t mention Jesus, like Anne of Green Gables! That kind of thing has started to be a tiny pet peeve of mine, but I need to remember that at least it mentioned God. *Spoiler Alert* I thought that Miriam might have been forced to marry the Indian boy, but I was also glad when she didn’t marry Pierre. He appeared like he would always have a wild crazy side, something that made him seem...edgy. That would’ve been constantly lurking just around the corner. Oh, I wish the story had gone on to when she met and married Phineas, but that might just be the romantic in me. ;) Anyways, from the historical account I KNOW they get married. *End Spoiler Alert* Overall, the ending was still agreeable, and it’s a definite good read.

Spinning Silver
by Naomi Novik

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This book became an instant favorite for me! It's the story of a girl named Meryam whose father is a money-lender. He's not a very good one; the family goes hungry while he is too timid to collect his debts. One winter, Meryam's mother becomes ill, and Meryam decides to do the job herself. This novel is loosely based on the story of Rumpelstiltskin; but it's far more complex and compelling.
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