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Cold Days
by Jim Butcher

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Harry Dresden, wizard and Winter Knight extraordinaire, is back on the job. This time there are powers at work that he knows very little about and he is now a part of Faerie in a way he never thought he would ever be. Not to mention Harry has just been given an impossible task by Mab and is made aware of a power that has been at work for sometime. His problems have only just begun once he realizes that there is way more to that contract he started with Demonreach on that crazy island in Lake Michigan and now events are about to unfold that leave Harry Dresden as the only person in a position to prevent complete disaster. All of your favorite characters, some more great movie and TV references and way more shenanigans for Harry and his motley crew to deal with. This was, by far, my favorite book in the series, thus far and am eagerly looking forward to reading the next book and many more to come!

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline

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This book was definitely worth the long wait to take out. It sets the stage in the not so far future where young people are addicted to computer gaming and many of them interact with others completely through social media. The author pulls you into this world and then puts a new spin on it. I can see this becoming a sci-fi classic along side novels by Heinlein and Clarke.

by James Clevell

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This is book 2 in his Asian saga, and is wonderful follow up to book 1 "Shogun". It is a historical fiction tale based on the colonization of China and Britain trying to establish trade with the empire. It is full of intrigue and espionage, loyalty, family and duty. While it is very long, it is very interesting and a smooth read.

A Gathering Of Secrets
by Linda Castillo

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This is a such a great book. The latest in the Kate Burkholder series.I couldn't put it down. A teenage Amish boy dies in a barn fire, turns out there is more to the story than anyone would imagine. No clues to whodunnit it but plenty of suspects. It keeps you guessing as to whodunnit and what a surprise ending..I definitely did not see it coming!!! I love Linda Castillo books!!

Weekend Warriors
by Fern Michaels

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I know a lot of people that not only read Fern Michaels, but love her books. So I thought I would try. I attempted Need to Know but it just couldn't hold my attention. I was referred to her Sisterhood Series, which sounded like a great plot line and just my type of reading. I started with book one in hopes of liking the series so much it would continue. Nope - can't do it. It is good story line, people really enjoy her, but she's a bit too simplistic for my tastes. One of my least favorite tendencies of hers as an author is how she uses dialog so poorly to tell the reader something. For example, she'll have two girlfriends talking to each other like ". . .well you know since you've always had the nervous condition making you overly stress about things causing your already high blood pressure to skyrocket . . ." instead of writing in a way that shows the reader by actions and reactions. People don't talk like that to each other. I expected more creativity in her writing.

A Midwinters Tale
by Sofie Kelly

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Another great book in this series. The kitties help to solve the mystery again. Once again Ms Kelly weaves romance, humor, history and mystery into a story that keeps the reader entertained and interested. I found myself very invested in these characters and hope that they make good decisions! The kitties are an added bonus and provide warmth and humor to some tense situations. Thoroughly enjoyable and if I had a mystery to solve I want Owen and Hercules to help me out!

The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers
by Lillian Jackson Braun

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Koko the Siamese cat has unique talents and Jim Qwilleran is certain that it's because he has 60 whiskers. He can tell when a friend is calling, he notifies Mr. Q when there is a message on the answering machine, and is a great judge of character when new people come to see the old apple barn that Q has remade into a home for himself and the cats. In this book, Qwill's friend Polly goes to Paris with a friend and doesn't return. As usual someone dies and Koko helps Q decipher who did it. Always an entertaining listen or read. I feel like I have become a resident in the town of Pickaxe although I never would because of the weather!

by Dani Pettrey

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This Novella is part of the Alaskan Courage series. It overflows with suspense as well as giving you a glimpse of life in the rugged state of Alaska. You will also take a peek into the world of competitive open water swimming as well as US Russian relations in this sport. A very enjoyable christian romance.

Speak the Graphic Novel
by Laurie Halse Anderson

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I read the novel years ago and I loved it. I haven't read it since so I thought I would pick up the graphic novelation. I am sure glad that I did. This story was good before but I feel like it was twice as good told in this format. I loved the illustrations and how it still kept true to the story with the best lines left in tact. I truly appreciated reading this!! Highly recommended!!

Wilde In Love Eloisa James
by Eloisa James

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Lord Alaric returns from his travels around the world to discover that he's become a celebrity in his absence. The books he wrote about his adventures have been turned into an exaggerated, ridiculous, and wildly popular play. At his brother's engagement party, he meets Willa, who seems to be the only woman in the room not swooning in his presence. An adorable love story with lots of good banter, great characters, and a cute skunk.
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