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Blue Smoke
by Nora Roberts

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Wow! Thriller! I think this book kept me on my toes from the start to the finish. I knew who was doing it, and why but I wanted more. How was it going to end? Who would be next? Would Dream Girl and boy next door actually come together? Mystery, intrigue, arson, deaths and romance does a book get any better?

W is for Wasted
by Sue Grafton

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W is for Wasted is another great Kinsey Millhone book. Grafton has created such a likable character that the reader or listener in this case feels like you are experiencing things right along with Kinsey. In this book Kinsey deals with the death of two men. One she is related to but never met and the other a Private Investigator whose methods were less then aboveboard. Ms Grafton masterfully weaves the two tales together as Kinsey discovers more about the two men and also about some of her history. It is interesting how Kinsey is able to determine the identity of an individual with no ID or personal effects on him besides her name and phone in his pocket. A great story that will keep you intrigued and involve as you try to figure it out alongside Kinsey.

The Cat Who Went Bananas
by Lillian Jackson Braun

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After seeing the Dr. , Q is instructed to eat more bananas. His Siamese cat Koko responds uniquely to the banana peels and begins to hide them away for use at a later date. As always, Koko is able to clearly assess the character of new people who visit the Barn and passes his suspicions onto Q. There is a new man in town who acts in the local play and when a young man is killed due to too much alcohol in his system Koko shares his hunches with Q. The banana peels come out at unique times and Q, who has learned to listen to Koko gets to the bottom of the mysteries. Always entertaining and enjoyable. I feel like I have become friends with all these characters!

The Female Persuasion
by Meg Wolitzer

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A female college graduate, Greer Kadetsky. with no where else to go contacts someone who spoke at her college while in love with the boy next door. Faith Frank is a feminist from the second wave whose magazine just went under. With the support of an admirer, Frank and Greer form a non-profit.

The Kelloggs The Battling Brothers Of Battle Creek
by Howard Markle

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Dr Kelloggs was narcissistic actually if you look up narcissistic in the dictionary his picture would be there. He went around to learn the most about helping those in need and tried to treat people which seems like a good thing. Yet he ran over and hurt .any one how got it his way. .William was not a saint him self but after the way John treated him, I can see what the abuse had done to him. But in the end he came out smelling like a rose.

Under His Wings
by Patsy Cairmont

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This is the book that I read if I am a little down in spirit. Patsy uses stories of people who have suffered events in their lives and Bible characters that also bad things that happen to them. When people go through bad thing they hide in things that are not good for them. She talks about the journey people need to go through to find healing and the only one who can heal them totally heal them.

Finding Aubrey
by Sophie Kinsella

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A girl with social anxiety dares to fight her fear, find love, and come out of the shadows. It begins with her mother trying to stop her son from playing video all the time. Aubrey is currently out of school and in therapy from incidents that happened there. As part of therapy, she makes home movies.

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline

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This book was definitely worth the long wait to take out. It sets the stage in the not so far future where young people are addicted to computer gaming and many of them interact with others completely through social media. The author pulls you into this world and then puts a new spin on it. I can see this becoming a sci-fi classic along side novels by Heinlein and Clarke.

The Kiss Quotient
by Helen Hoang

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This is a contemporary romance novel about Stella, a woman with Asperger's who hires an escort (Michael) to practice being in a romantic relationship. Their attraction is instant, but one of the things I really appreciated about this story was that the author doesn't try to convince that they've fallen in love in one night, as can sometimes happen in romances. As the two get to know each other better, they fight to keep their arrangement in the realm of business. I really couldn't put this book down. I started reading it Friday after work and read it all in one sitting. This isn't a new trope for romances, but the characters are unique and believable, and their love story is compelling and genuine.

Illuminae The Illuminae Files #1
by Amie Kaufman And Jay Kristoff

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First of all the format of the book is written, through conversations and documents and interpretations of video feeds is absolutely amazing. This book was truly one worth picking up and giving to a bored. Love story, check. Imminent death approaching, check. Uncertain beginning and end, check. One of the best books I've picked up.
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