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Dead Over Heels
by Charlaine Harris

Aurora Teagarden is quite the memorable character in this the fifth book in the series. She is again thrown into a mystery, not by choice, but takes it on just like a southern belle. While she is struggling with some personal issues, she just keeps going and helping those around her to be better people.

Fatal Frost
by Nancy Mehl

This book is definitely full of suspense as well as romance with many twists and turns to keep you guessing. The premise for the action in this novel seems to be a bit of a stretch as well as the amount of time it takes the characters to search for the bad guys during one of the action scenes.

Hush Puppy
by Laurien Berenson

Book six of Melanie Travis Mysteries - should read in order. It is chock full of suspense, drama, as well as poodles of course. This author always makes Melanie a down to earth, believable heroine with a heart of gold. Of course, it's her tender heart that prompts her to help a mysterious girl, Jane, and plunges her into trouble.

The Lightkeepers Ball
by Colleen Coble

This is the third book in the Mercy Falls series. A christian romance woven through with suspense, it is an enjoyable read. You get to experience turn of the century California along with the maneuvering of societies elite and the pressures put upon daughters to marry well, not for love. Which will she choose - you'll have to read to find out.

Field Of Valor
by Matthew Betley

This is the third book in the Logan West Series. You need to read the other two first. Even then, this book was a little hard to follow. Once you get into it a few chapters, it starts to come together. The plots from the first two books are continued in this one. the suspense and action are nonstop. Definitely a thriller!

by Dani Pettrey

This Novella is part of the Alaskan Courage series. It overflows with suspense as well as giving you a glimpse of life in the rugged state of Alaska. You will also take a peek into the world of competitive open water swimming as well as US Russian relations in this sport. A very enjoyable christian romance.

Threads Of Suspicion
by Dee Henderson

This is the first in a series about investigating cold cases. It is not really a suspense novel but more focused on exploring human relationships. There is some romance, mostly from a christian perspective. I enjoy this author, but it is on the slow side as far as solving the mysteries go. Also, the amount of time spent on case solving seems to border on unrealistic. This book does challenge your ability to guess who-dunit.

Blueberry Muffin Murder
by Joanne Fluke

If you have hung out with a group of women, you may have overheard discussions about which Joanne Fluke book is currently being read or has come out most recently. This is the third in the series of Hannah Swenson mysteries and is as thoroughly enjoyable as the first two. You won't regret reading it and may even want to try out some of the mouth watering recipes.

The End Game
by Catherine Coulter

This is the third book in a series by this author. Make sure you read the first two in the series first so you can better understand the main characters. Fans of Catherine Coulter will also appreciate appearances by Savich and Sherlock to help with the investigation. This book is edge of your seat suspense from beginning to end.

The Shoemakers Wife
by Adriana Trigiani

This is a book for historical readers. It gives you a glimpse of old world Italy and America. The characters and scenery are described with so much realism you will long to travel to Italy to climb the alps or vacation at the shore. there is much sadness in this story but also a triumph over tough circumstances. I highly recommend this book.

Because Of Mr. Terupt
by Rob Buyea

I loved this book. Buyea tells the story of an average 5th grade classroom from multiple student's points of view. Each character was different and each one was lovable. Mr.Terupt, the teacher makes a project called dollar words, which consist of 100 letter points. I would totally recommend this book if you want an enjoyable, hilarious read.

Insignificant Events In The Life Of A Cactus
by Dusti Bowling

In this novel by Dusti Bowling, a 12-year-old girl, Aven, moves to the desert. She is like everyone else, except she doesn’t have arms. But, although the disability, she still can do everything the same. The book made me cry with family moments and acceptance. I would read this even if you don’t have a disability, because it makes you understand the pain everyday people go through when they have a impairment.

Brown Girl Dreaming
by Jacqueline Woodson

Woodson describes life as a young black girl with a passion. Although it is based in the 1960’s with the “Revolution”, Woodson recalls the good times with her ever growing family memories. She describes being the youngest and living in the south with her grandparents, until her mother brings her and her two siblings to Brooklyn, New York. Before they arrived, another family member was added, a little brother. Through hardships, Jacqueline (Jackie) survives and today she still writes poetry like she did in this novel.

Hot Six
by Janet Evanovich

In this installment of the Stephanie Plum series, Stephanie has a new house guest, her Grandmother! Her father was mad at her Grandma Mazur so Grandma comes to live with Stephanie. This doesn't last too long because Stephanie has numerous night time visitors. Meanwhile Stephanie's mentor Ranger is wanted for not appearing for his court date and although Stephanie refuses to look for him many other people think she is the key to finding him so they tail her! Stephanie's life is never dull. Bob the dog is also introduced in this installment and adds a little more excitement to Stephanie's life. Once again this book does not fail to entertain while the reader tries to figure out the mystery.

High Five
by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum strikes again! In the fifth installment of this series we find Stephanie looking for her Uncle who has gone missing. He was headed to the garbage company but he didn't make it. While she tries to track him down she runs into her normal assortment of trouble and wrecks at least 2 cars. Always entertaining and suspenseful. No matter how many times I read this series I'm always entertained!
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