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Love Finds You In Sunset Beach, Hawaii
by Robin Jones Gunn

Ok what can I say? Robin Jones Gunn ahh amazing!! She will make you laugh and cry. She makes romance so real. She creates a real life scenario and will make you fall in love with the characters from the first mention of their names in the Christy Miller series books! You for sure need to read some of her othe books first to understand these characters so I hope you enjoy all of them!!

Anne Of Green Gables
by Lucy Maud Montgomery Books

100 percent love this book! Anne is so entertaining she makes you laugh no matter what she does! You will instantly be sucked into her intriguing story. I promise you will totally cry your eyes out and laugh til your chest hurts! Enjoy reading this story and loving Anne with all your heart!

Christy Miller Series Book 1
by Robin Jones Gunn Christy Miller

Oh my word! This book is literally my favorite! Robin Jones Gunn captivates all girls into Christy Miller's World! She gives details that girls can relate to it and all of it is clean and inspiring! I can’t deny it this book is by far my favorite book series! I love it!!

Close To Famous By Joan Bauer
by Joan Bauer

IF you love to bake and love a good story then this is the book for you. The adorable story with the mother daughter bond is amazing! It was incouraging for all not just girls! You read the first chapter and can’t stop. Joan Bauer captures readers with her amazing details of cupcakes and stories! I highly recommend this book!

Leepike Ridge
by N. D. Wilson

In fourth grade I had to read Leepike Ridge, I instantly fell in love with it! It is great for kids of all ages and for either gender. Do you enjoy books on adventure where each chapter you want to read more? Yes? This page turner will be right up your alley. I have read it multiple times and fall more and more in love with it each time and for all readers out there it’s perfect to read with all ages! Kids, teens and adults! Enjoy the read!!!!!

Purple Fish
by Mark O Wilson

this is one of my favorite book. it is a book about telling others about Jesus. it make evangelism easy and practice. Mark has a passion for people and seeing people saved. God think of people who are not saved our lost treasures. The best way to be an evangelist is to follow Jesus example.

Ghost Story
by Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden is back for another adventure except this time, he is dead. Shade Harry has been given the task of finding his killer and is sent back to Chicago to investigate his death. A lot has happened in Chicago and the world since his untimely demise and not all of it good. His apprentice Molly has gone off the rails, Murphy is working in cahoots with one of his (least) favorite people, and now he needs the help of Mort, the spineless ectomancer, to communicate with and convince his friends that he is, in fact Harry Dresden in spirit. Harry has his work cut out for him when Mort is abducted by an old enemy and, with the help of the living and the dead, he has to storm a fortress to get him back. Will Harry find his killer and save Mort or will he meet his final end for good this time. I really liked this particular one in series for the references to The Princess Bride, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and even Star Trek but honestly could have done with a few less monologues and a little more action early on. However, in the last 3 hours of the book's recording it made a turn or two that was unexpected which brought it back into my good graces. Highly recommended.

The Cat Who Dropped A Bombshell
by Lillian Jackson Braun

I have listened to 6 or 7 books in this series and feel like I have become a resident of Pickaxe! I wish that I could subscribe to the Something and read Qwilleran's column every Tuesday and Thursday. I would love to catsit for Koko and Yum Yum and watch them solve another murder investigation. Koko's uncanny ability to know when a murder has occurred and when someone will call with bad news or someone unknown will arrive at the old apple barn is amazing. All the characters feel like my friends and I want to know if Polly and Qwill will ever get married. This particular book deals with the Sesquicentennial of the town and how it will celebrate. A freak storm interrupts the 4th of July parade and takes a life. All in all a very good book to read or listen to.

W is for Wasted
by Sue Grafton

W is for Wasted is another great Kinsey Millhone book. Grafton has created such a likable character that the reader or listener in this case feels like you are experiencing things right along with Kinsey. In this book Kinsey deals with the death of two men. One she is related to but never met and the other a Private Investigator whose methods were less then aboveboard. Ms Grafton masterfully weaves the two tales together as Kinsey discovers more about the two men and also about some of her history. It is interesting how Kinsey is able to determine the identity of an individual with no ID or personal effects on him besides her name and phone in his pocket. A great story that will keep you intrigued and involve as you try to figure it out alongside Kinsey.

The Homing Instinct
by Bernd Heinrich

This was a great book it was really interesting. One of the coolest stories was how far monarch can fly and the study that people in Toronto ON are doing. The other story was a man trap a mouse alive and mark it. He put it out side three time and the mouse came back to the trap each time.

The Female Persuasion
by Meg Wolitzer

A female college graduate, Greer Kadetsky. with no where else to go contacts someone who spoke at her college while in love with the boy next door. Faith Frank is a feminist from the second wave whose magazine just went under. With the support of an admirer, Frank and Greer form a non-profit.

The Wormling: The Book of the King
by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry

(2.5) This might seem like a harsh rating, and I was wondering if maybe it should be a three, but The Book of the King was kind of disappointing. The first two chapters are about a king and an evil dragon. Mostly the rest of the book is about Owen Reeder, an introvert bookworm that lives above a used bookstore with his uncommunicative, ill-humored father who has closeted himself and his son in said bookstore. When Owen tries to run away from bullies, he accidentally takes a bad street that is under construction. He doesn’t realize this until he’s miraculously caught in midair above a hole in the street, and a voice says, “Courage, Owen.” After that, he learns that his father is meeting with mysterious beings in a secret passageway and room under the bookstore. What is going on? Could his father be involved in any one of the crazy ideas that pop into Owen’s head? Hmm. Well, somehow I went into this book with a preconceived notion thinking it was an allegory, but it seems as I look it over again now, it wasn’t particularly singled out as one. Ah, well. You can definitely tell there were Christian themes and storylines, especially since it’s Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry. I don’t think this is exactly my type of writing style. It seemed detached. There were times when there were phrases that disrupted the flow of the book and didn’t jive with the moods. There were serious parts that I was reading, and then all of a sudden there was a sentence that caught me off guard. Pg. 2: “He looks out at his kingdom shrouded in darkness and shudders. Perhaps it is a chill wind coming across the water or the moonless night. Or perhaps he has a cold.” Is that last bit supposed to be serious or funny? Another thing was the phrases that kept telling us that if Owen knew the things he would face….the trials he would overcome….he might do this or that, etc. Instead of ramping up the tension, how about you show it? And one more thing: It seemed like there was really no one good around Owen in this book. I mean, I guess if someone was saved in a non-Christian household, there would be few good influences but….still. It’s a little depressing. Also, it was fairly clean except there was a bawdy remark about a girl, a mention of drugs, an awkward section of Owen being alone with a girl that flirts with him. I might get the next book, but I don’t expect it will be anything wonderful.

Bless Me Ultima
by Rudolfo Anaya

When a boy is six years old, a healer comes to live with him and his family to live the rest of her life. His brothers are away at war. His family has expectations for him to be a priest or a farmer. His views of the world are challenged when he sees his father kill a man.

Kathleen's Enduring Faith
by Tracy Leininger Craven

In Kathleen's Enduring Faith, the McKenzies struggle with a bad drought but are still trying to trust God. Despite having Kathleen's friend, Lucy, visit them with her sunny disposition, everyone's a little worried. When Kathleen's Mama, Aunt Elizabeth, and Grandma Maggie go to town leaving the girls to run the house, Kathleen wants to lighten the load a little bit and surprise them by spring cleaning the house. Soon they are hard at work until things start to go awry and Kathleen realizes she might've bitten off a bit more than she could chew. The cows get out into the drying laundry, and dinner gets burnt among other things. As the summer progresses and the rain still does not come, the KKK set fire to their nearby neighbors, the Williamses', wheat crop! When it starts spreading to the McKenzie's farm as well, will the whole place go up in smoke? How are they ever going to get the fire out? The fire threatens the things that Kathleen hold most dear- her family. Will she keep her faith in God after loss? Kathleen's Enduring Faith was a good book. It was lighthearted in the beginning and then as the story goes on it deepens and gets more serious; weightier. I could relate with Kathleen as she tries to surprise her mother. When I try to surprise people and things go wrong, I know I get disappointed! I don't know if I could react the way Kathleen did after the accident. I think I would have had a hard time not blaming God, the KKK, Robby, or maybe even the Williams for not having any huge loss. It does show, however, that God is still present through their lives. One aspect I would've liked to have seen was for Bruce's character to have been developed a little bit more. It would've been nice for him to have played a bigger role throughout the series. There was a verse that I liked in there: Isaiah 43:1-2. I would look it up in the KJV though because the book has it in NIV. It skips a lot of the verse.

The Kelloggs The Battling Brothers Of Battle Creek
by Howard Markle

Dr Kelloggs was narcissistic actually if you look up narcissistic in the dictionary his picture would be there. He went around to learn the most about helping those in need and tried to treat people which seems like a good thing. Yet he ran over and hurt .any one how got it his way. .William was not a saint him self but after the way John treated him, I can see what the abuse had done to him. But in the end he came out smelling like a rose.
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